Cüt sarılı yumurtalar (Düşündürücü hekayə)
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The door was beaten. She got up from his seat and gathered all his strength and headed toward the door. His son was a soldier in the Inbox. Ratings forget, a week, a month visited, dealing with his grief-series, questioned whether there is a need. Both of them kissed her hand and a tall woman: 
- Mother, will not take the time, that you have to visit, there is a need to learn to see? - he said. Women with a firm voice:

- There is no such thing. Please log in, icməsəniz eat something, I'm not leaving here, - he said. And so authoritatively, unceremoniously, he said, young people entering the house, there is no other choice. It was always the case, because it did not need. The crown of the head of the house where her husband was the son of a brave front. But now no one was at his side, moved into the world of the truth.  His son was killed in the war, and her husband gained less than a year away. Now he's married, with young people in the habit of inviting ogullu days had made ​​the table hungry. But have you ever thought whether it is at home, so what. Young man walking in the door and saw chickens:

- Well, the mother, in a case that is the issue, then let me ask you: I suffer, two egg qayganagını hərəmizə so, let's go eat. He haa bisirirdin that time, more than any one individual alone. Young people sat cross, caught the mood of the moment. Kovrəldilər remember the days of old.  The mother who killed her son loved to eat eggs, so every time the mother said that the ceiling of the confusion, how cırpıbsa coarse, as well as bring to the table. Now these young people to prove their commitment to the friendship of the fact he wanted to request. They knew that such ərkdən mother likes.      The woman went to the kitchen and suddenly came to mind that chickens at an egg for three days, not only in the bottom of the container has two eggs. I stayed for a while holding his palm as eggs, come to think of something else whose passed away. ... The fact that it would be more oil in the eggs one at a time, and broke down the mountain, taking away the edge of the roof and turned into oil. The table in front of him were amazed: I had won the four egg yolks, it turns out, was wrapped in a pair of each egg.

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